I have been going to Dr. Izadi since November of 2005. My two children see her as well. The visits are always very pleasant, as her staff is very friendly and efficient. Besides routine dental care, I have had crowns and bridgework done. I have been completely satisfied with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Izadi as your dentist; her attention to detail is exquisite. She never seems rushed and takes the time needed to satisfy both herself and you, the patient, that the result is the best that it can be. Her chairside manner is an example for all of us in the healthcare fields.

Steve Hovet, OD

Dr. Izadi has been our dentist since she opened her office seven years ago in Lynnwood, and she is the best dentist of several we have had. She has done extensive work, including crowns, for both of us, always with excellent results. Not only are we happy to recommend her to others, we already have recommended her to our son and his wife, who also are now both regular patients of Dr. Izadi.

Darrell & Pauline W.

I have been a patient of Dr. Izadi since she first took over the business from Dr. Ehrlich in August 2000. I have been very happy with all of the work she has done: fillings, crowns, and cleanings. All pain-free. When Novocain is needed, she is very patient and makes sure the area is numb before giving the entire amount. I would highly recommend Dr. Izadi and her friendly, knowledgeable staff to all of my friends and family. I know they will be well taken care of.

Norman B.

Carol and I have been patients for over 35 years. When Dr. Izadi took over, we remained with her and her team because of Dr. Izadi’s ability, knowledge, and tender care. Dr. Izadi and her team go the extra mile to make our visits as comfortable and convenient as possible. They are a very caring and talented force, and try to make each visit a pleasant experience.

Dick & Carol E.

I have been Dr. Izadi’s patient since she began her practice. She is competent, keeps up with the newest procedures, and is always efficient and kind. Her excellent staff complements the office with professionalism and compassion. I would recommend her to anyone looking for qualities mentioned here. I have always been more than pleased with all work done for me.

Jo Ellen E.

My visits to Dr. Izadi have been very satisfactory. She is very professional and I feel comfortable having her work on my teeth.

B.L. Marsh

Dr. Izadi is an excellent dentist who is very concerned about her patients’ comfort. We would highly recommend her to friends and family. When our seven-month-old daughter has a few more teeth, we plan to schedule an appointment for a new-patient checkup.

Mike & Jen W.

I can highly recommend Dr. Izadi and her staff if you are looking for an able and competent dentist. You couldn’t do any better than choose her as your dentist.

Jack G.

Dr. Izadi became my dentist when she first opened her private practice. She is very personable and very professional. I say this because she truly cares about her patients’ welfare and this is shown by her kindness to you as a person, as well as her commitment to give you top dental care. She schedules her patients individually so that they get all of her attention, and you do not leave her office until she is confident that she has given you her best care. She is a very detail-minded doctor, and will keep you in the chair until she knows that her work is done right and well. I always appreciated this about her. She is very skillful with her hands, and I never felt any shots of the many that she gave me. That has never been true with any other dentist.

“For me, she fixed old fillings and did new ones, did crowns and root canals, and took stains off of my teeth. She took care of my husband’s needs as well as my son’s. Whenever I had a need she made room for me. She understood when I couldn’t keep an appointment.

“Another thing that I cherish about Dr. Izadi is her commitment to find assistants and office personnel that would match her professionalism. She always takes good care in who she hires and all of them that I met were really good at their job. I could trust all of them to give me all the information and care that I needed.

“This office also did all the insurance footwork for me. I never had a concern financially, nor did I ever feel that I was under pressure to do anything that I wasn’t ready for.

“Dr. Izadi always has her patients’ care as the priority of her business. I hope to move back to her area someday, and I will snatch her back up in a heartbeat if she would have me.

Carolyn V.

I have been coming to this office since 1975. I started with Dr. Izadi in 2000. I have fillings, crowns, and some root canals. Service is painless; teeth are in great shape. Yes, I would recommend Dr. Izadi to family and friends. It is wonderful to have a painless dentist.


Dr. Izadi has provided dental care for me since mid-2006. She is a caring and competent dentist who takes great pride in her work. She has made sacrifices to ‘fit me in’ and provide care when an emergent situation has developed. The doctor and her team are always very pleasant and professional. My satisfaction with her practice is best demonstrated by the fact that I have referred her both of my sons, my father-in-law, and my co-workers.

S. Poulin

Dear Dr. Izadi, I have been your patient for almost one year. My visits to your office have been great. I especially enjoy the personalized attention I receive. The cosmetic work and crown have exceeded my expectations! I have recommended you to my parents and several of my friends. Keep up the good work.

Peter V.

I have been a patient of Dr. Izadi since she started her practice. She provides high-quality dental care and does so in a caring way. Dr. Izadi’s gentle approach is very much appreciated, and is perfect for adults who need a little more attention, and little ones. I highly recommend Dr. Izadi for your family dental care needs.


I finally made an appointment and was happy I did. Dr. Izadi treated me with the utmost care and was sympathetic about my fear of dentists. She was extremely gentle and her shots and work were painless. She takes great care to make sure patients are relaxed and even plays nice jazz music to help me relax. I appreciate the fact that Dr. Izadi does all her own work and she only works on one patient at a time. She is dedicated to her work and brings years of experience with her. I am pleased with her top-quality work and would recommend her to anyone. I drive a long way to see Dr. Izadi because she is so kind. Both Dr. Izadi and her staff have been very pleasant every time I visit.


I have been a patient of Dr. Izadi’s office since she first took over the business from Dr. Ehrlich in August 2000. She and her staff have been doing an excellent job with my dental care and needs as a patient. When in need of emergency care she was/is patient, understanding, and professional.

J. Campbell

I’m writing to express my deep appreciation for the quality of care I received from Dr. Naghmeh Izadi on September 23, 2009. I thought that I would never be able to state the following, however, I enjoyed going to the dentist; and for a root canal. You see, throughout the entire procedure, Dr. Izadi’s primary concern was always apparent: my comfort and well-being. The root canal was performed with a very high degree of expertise. I do believe that Dr. Izadi has truly mastered the art of the smile. From now on, when people ask me who my dentist is I’ll reply, ‘I see Dr. Izadi, of course, don’t you?’ With gratitude.

Jim R.

Dr. Izadi was recommended by my periodontist three years ago and I have been very pleased and satisfied with her professional and caring service. She has done several crowns and restored my teeth that had old silver fillings and decay. All the work she has done has been excellent. I have always felt relaxed and confident that she has my best interest and that I am not ‘just another number.’ I have felt very little pain, as Dr. Izadi is always gentle and caring. She will always be my dentist as long as we are in the same area. I have recommended her to my friends and family.

Shirley G.

A trusted friend referred me to Dr. Izadi when my former dentist retired. I was in a spot. I needed some serious dental work. Dr. Izadi worked out a treatment plan that accommodated my schedule and finances. I am very satisfied with the results. It is pleasure to recommend Dr. Izadi.

Fred S.

In 2006 I was in an accident that left me paralyzed. After many months of healing and learning to live in a wheelchair, I found myself in need of a new dentist. I asked a friend who they were seeing and they recommended Dr. Izadi.

“The friend was impressed with the care Dr. Izadi gave her patients, saying she was very gentle with her procedures and always explained what she was doing as she went through each appointment. I called for a consultation and asked if they could accommodate me and my wheelchair. They assured me they could.

“After my first appointment I found all of this to be true. The dental staff made me feel comfortable and assisted me in and out of my wheelchair and the dental chair with ease, and Dr. Izadi was very communicative of the things she was doing, and did them all with a very light touch.

“At the end of one visit I went out to the parking lot to get into my wheelchair accessible van and found out that I could not, as someone had parked too close to my vehicle. I went back into Dr. Izadi’s office and explained my predicaments. No problem! The dental assistant took my keys, moved my vehicle to an accessible spot, handed me back the keys with a smile, and I was back in business. That’s customer service!

“I have continued to see Dr. Izadi for a crown, many fillings, and regular checkups, and would recommend her to everyone.


I have received many shots and had plenty of work done on my teeth by Dr. Izadi, and only last week, had a chipped cap replaced and have yet to feel any real pain from any of her procedures. I would recommend Dr. Izadi to anyone who is looking for a dentist who really cares about you, as well as your health and teeth. Did I mention that she has a very friendly and professional staff working with her? They will make you feel right at home.

Don G.

I am most pleased to say that all of these procedures were a breeze! Even afterwards I have never had any pain! Dr. Izadi is very considerate, kind, and gentle. During a procedure she always lets me know what to expect, and always makes sure I am not in discomfort. Her friendly staff is just as caring and thorough. They will do all the necessary fact-finding and coordination to make sure my treatment plan fits in with my dental coverage. What a relief not to have to deal with that! It has been an absolute pleasure to be a patient of Dr. Izadi. Her skills, her professionalism, and her care are of the highest quality. I simply cannot recommend her and her wonderful staff highly enough.

Shiloh A.

I moved to Lynnwood in 2006 and hadn’t been to a dentist in years. Dr. Izadi developed a treatment plan that got my dental care back on track, and that also worked within my budget. I’m normally very apprehensive about going to see a dentist, hence the long break, but Dr. Izadi is so gentle that I’ve completely lost my fear of having work done on my teeth. I don’t know how, but even the shots are painless! She and her staff are very professional and friendly, and always follow up on me post treatment to make sure I’m not feeling any discomfort. After my first visit I recommended Dr. Izadi to my wife and shortly thereafter she began seeing Dr. Izadi as well and is very satisfied. About four months ago my wife and I moved to Lake Stevens. We still see Dr. Izadi, despite the longer commute, but the professional care and pain-free dental work are completely worth the extra effort.

Rodney W.

I have been a patient of Dr. Izadi since she started her practice in Lynnwood, WA, approximately ten years ago. Most of my work has been porcelain crowns and I have been very satisfied with the results. I would recommend Dr. Izadi highly because she is very thorough, gentle, and professional. When she administers local anesthetic, I can barely tell that she is giving me the shot.

David R.

My husband and I have seen Dr. Izadi for almost one year, and had different dental procedures, fillings, filling replacements, crowns, and routine cleaning. We were very pleased with her care and cosmetic results. We are seniors and had many dentists; all of her procedures were gentle and pain-free. We find her a very caring and concerned caregiver.

Gigi & Roscoe

Dr. Izadi is to dentistry what Picasso is to the painting: a real artist indeed. She takes the utmost care of her patients, until the finished product is perfect.

Marilyn B.

We are incredibly fortunate and forever grateful to Dr. Izadi and her staff for providing five-star dental care to our family. Thank you so much.

Rosemarie K.

Dr. Izadi and her team are outstanding! I would recommend them to all family and friends. Dr. Izadi is kind, patient, and a perfectionist for each and every tooth. I am delighted in the tremendous change in my teeth and feel confident flashing a smile to a stranger or a friend. Thank you!


I am a sailor, 87 years old, now retired, Dr. Naghmeh Izadi, DMD has been my talented and expert dentist since 2000. She has kept my mouth and teeth in the condition, as we sailors would say, “Ship shape in Bristol fashion” since then.

Sailors like to tell stories, mine is about Dr. Izadi keeping my teeth in first class condition. It goes like this: A ship carries cargo or passengers on many cruises. During these it picks up barnacles and slimy growth and sometimes dents, cracks, and corrosion on its steel hull plates. It periodically goes to a shipyard to be cleaned and put into order to make more efficient cruises. A mouth and teeth go through lots of meals and food. Over time they pick up plaque and tartar that are equal to slime and barnacles on ships; also cavities and cracks! My mouth goes to Dr. Izadi’s dental shipyard periodically for maintenance and repair. At 87 years I can still chew almost anything and joke with Dr. Izadi about keeping my teeth free of barnacles. I highly recommend Dr. Izadi as a wonderful dentist!

Captain John H. B., United States Coast Guard (Ret.)

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